What we offer

We are a firm of Technical Legal Services specialising in the field of Civil Liability and its insurance. We offer advanced and global solutions, both from the legal point of view and from the perspective of risk management, information and advice.

In order to carry out our work, we have a committed team of people who combine a deep knowledge of civil liability with sound experience.

Our network of lawyers, specialists in insurance and in civil liability, enable us to provide our clients with a stable structure and a service of the highest quality.

what we offer:

Specialised Advice to Insurance and Reinsurance Institutions

We offer to provide advice in an objective and specialised way on the civil liability insurance business in aspects such as underwriting policy, review of existing products and the preparation of new ones, provisions of claims payments and provision of payments in delayed appearance risks.
We undertake to conduct a specialised assessment and analysis of the branch of civil liability and, on the basis of certain conclusions, we offer recommendations for the adoption of measures capable of correcting or minimising problems.

Claims Handling

We offer the possibility of taking on the handling of damage notification reports, informing on their acceptance or rejection depending in the conditions contained in the concerned policy and making recommendations to the client regarding the position he ought to adopt.
In dealing with a claim, we advise the institution and the insured. We also offer advice on the provisions created in each case and we take on the legal management of the defence.

We are aware that flexibility and information are essential in dealing with claims. Our clients will be punctually informed on the evolution of each claim and they will know the possibilities of defence and the advisability of reaching friendly agreements; they will also have the security of knowing that each case is dealt with individually, properly and without any delays.

Legal Defence

As a firm specialising in civil liability and its insurance, we can rely on a network of collaborating lawyers who provide specialised defence of guaranteed standing in the courts of justice.

We keep our client periodically informed of the situation in his case by means of our computing systems and, on his requirement, we arrange meetings with our collaborating lawyers in order to deal with the progress of each case and to set the criteria to be followed.
From the legal advice area, the client is explained the possibilities of defence and/or the advisability of seeking a friendly settlement.

All this enables us to ensure that each case is dealt with punctually and properly.

Studies, Reports and Opinions Service

There are occasions in which insurance institutions need an independent and specialised opinion on the repercussions that might derive from the appearance of new legal regulations, or the establishment of new case law, or claims in which special circumstances are involved, and so on. On request from its clients, SERJUTECA conducts the appropriate studies and reports and draws up the corresponding proposals.

Risk Management

We offer support and collaboration for risk managers in business policy on risk identification, assessment of consequences, demarcation of liabilities and advice on their insurance.